The Topp Group


The Topp Group provides access to a variety of manufacturers that specialize in products geared towards the Electronic Industry. There is a whole family of materials to choose from such as Pink Anti Stat, Black Conductive, Shielding, Barrier and Clean Room. In most cases, they can be converted into bag format (with or without a zipper) and/or tubing. Several MIL Spec materials and specialty conversions such as custom Metalized Bubble Bags, or “Diaper” Bags with velcro closure are available.

RoHS Compliant Products such as Lead Free Shielding Bags, mats, and labels are readily accessible. Please submit your request and we will respond as quickly as possible.

black conductive bags/tubing pink antistatic bags/tubing Humidity Indicator Cards shielding bags
Black Conductive Bags/Tubing Pink Antistatic Bags/Tubing Humidity Indicator Cards Shielding Bags

barrier bags clean room bags decker tape  
Barrier Bags Clean Room Bags Decker Tapes